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Scouting Programs


Boy Scouts of America is an organization of boys and adult leaders whose purpose is to build Christian values, develop leadership skills, provide service to the community, and provide fun activities for boys.

Cub Scouts are boys age seven (or 1st grade) through 5th grade. These boys meet in small groups called dens. Once a month all the dens gather for a Pack meeting. The activities of Cub Scouts include working on different awards and badges. All these activities are geared to provide fun, develop interest in different topics, and build character, responsibility and leadership. Each Pack meeting has a theme which the scouts work towards to help develop community building and a cooperative spirit within the Pack.

Contact: Brian Schiermeier, 831-2743.

Boy Scouts are boys from age eleven to eighteen. These boys continue to work on badges, awards and leadership skills. Troop meetings are held weekly. Summer camp and other camping activities are offered throughout the year.

Contact: Tami Schiermeier, 831-2743.


The Girl Scouts of America is an organization of girls and adult leaders who work together to build Christian values, develop leadership skills and provide service to the community. Girls from the age of five to fourteen are invited to be a part of this organization.

The scouts are divided into different groups depending on their age: Daisies, Brownies or Girl Scouts. Troop meetings are held on different days and times. All girls are welcome to become members and parents are encouraged to help with various activities throughout the year. The girls receive badges, awards and special recognition.

Contact: Amy Hogan, 495-8011.